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Betzaida & Nery Engagement

We meet again, blog readers!

Today we are featuring our recently photographed couple Bethzaida and Nery. This soon-to-be husband and wife will tie the knot on September 26th, 2015. To be prepared to capture images that portray their special moments for years to come, it is important for me to gather as much information about the couple as possible. After all, isn’t a photo worth a thousand words!

Here’s what the bride had to say about how they met…

“We met in Springfield on September of 2009, through work. I went to his office and as soon as I saw him, we both were attracted to each other. We scheduled an appointment for the next morning to see the apartment for my client. I went the next morning and since I was by myself he asked if I wanted to go in one car instead of both of our cars and I hesitated at the beginning, trying to play hard to get lol, but I gave in and took a ride with him anyways in his car. I saw the apartment; I liked the apartment for my client and went back to his office to do the paperwork. The following day I had another client and that was another excuse to call him and I did. He then asked me out for lunch and that was how our love story began.”

This couples wedding will be held in the beautiful Sacred Heart Church and reception will follow at the Castle Of Knights where the Mr. and Mrs. will be received by a mariachi band. The event will be full of vibrant colors and after spending some time with them in their engagement photo-shoot, I am confident their wedding will be tons of fun.

Betzaida and Nery’s are naturals in front of the camera. Their fabulous outfit selections, a sublime location, and their genuine love for each other made this photo shoot a truly enjoyable experience!

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