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Hello, I’m Brito

Hi there! My name is Jose Brito and I'm what you may refer to as a bit of a photography junkie. Some call my love of photography an obsession; I call it a passion. Either way, one thing's for certain: I love taking pictures! Better yet, I love taking pictures of people. Birds are cool, but there's something about engaging with real life humans that takes my job to the next level of fun.

My passion as a photographer emerged at the age of twelve during an after school program. The photographer instructing our class noticed a unique level of passion and commitment from me versus the other students. After several classes, he decided to invest in me so he took me under his wing and taught me basic skills in composition, lighting and the development of pictures in black rooms.

This pastime was the fire that ignited my passion for this Art form. As years have passed I have developed my skills and fine tuned my creative eye. My commitment as a professional is to stay relevant in this ever-changing industry and I do so by participating in countless hours of training in addition creating a forum for complementing professionals.

I wholeheartedly believe not all photo shoots are created equal and all customers deserve an individualized vision for their photo shoot, a passionate photographer, and the ease of knowing your photo shoot is guaranteed to be a successful one.

It is my objective to capture what the customers define as their special moment(s) furthermore I continuously look for opportunities to create epic memories for my clientele. Why settle for a cookie cutter photo shoot, let us at Brito’s photography create a casual, fun and creative experience for you that will capture your special moment for years to come…
Looking forward to telling your story.
Fill out the form in the Contact section and let's see if I can be part of your special day!

Best, Brito-

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