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Represent your Senior Class! Receive a FREE Spring Session and 50% off all products...

Questions frequently asked

How do you choose your senior representative?

I choose students based on a lot of factors. In general, I’m looking for students who are kind and friendly, and who are involved in their school and/or the community.

What school do you need reps from?

I accept representatives from all area schools. I like to choose representatives from multiple schools but I’ve accepted more than one person from the same school!

How many representatives do you choose a year?

This varies depending on how many students apply, as I like to accept a wide variety of local students. Typically, I select between eight and 15 students that come from area high schools.

Do I need to be a senior to be a representative?

Nope! I select current juniors and future/current seniors to be representatives for the Brito Senior Representatives Program. My only stipulation from there is that you are able to serve as a rep for one full year. If you’re planning to graduate early, I’d sign up as a junior.

Can I order prints and products from my free session?

Yep, you can! All my senior representatives get 50% off the price of print and products. For every five clients you refer (who book and pay), you’ll also receive $50 credit. This can be used toward prints and products or toward a full, one-on-one session.

How should I prepare for my session?

You can prepare in any way you prefer. Some clients like to get haircuts shortly before the session. Others get pedicures or manicures (Both guys and gals). What’s most important is that you bring yourself!

What happens if I don’t bring you any referrals?

All I ask is that you try to spread the word about Brito Photography. There is no penalty if you don’t bring in any referrals, but I have a feeling you won’t have a problem sending people my way!

How do I apply to be a senior rep?

I have a questionnaire application. (Click on the link below). Make sure you fill out with the deadline (May 15th) and email three images of yourself! Email:

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